Terms & conditions


My standard rate is $60 per hour. Discounted or package rates may be available at my discretion.

Estimates and quotes

Estimating the time required to declutter is extremely difficult, as it depends not just on the volume of items to be sorted, but also on your lifestyle, needs, and relationship with your possessions. I will try to estimate as accurately as I can.

If you require a written quote, a 25% deposit is payable on acceptance of the quote. This must be paid before the session date.

Hours of work

You may hire me for a specific number of hours, or for as many hours as it takes to complete a specific task. The minimum chargeable time per session is two hours.

Because this work will be mentally and often emotionally taxing for you, I strongly recommend a maximum of six hours per day, with breaks every two hours. Hours charged exclude mealtimes and breaks.


For sessions outside the Christchurch metropolitan area, I charge mileage at the standard rate set by the IRD (currently 72 cents per kilometre). We may agree on additional expenses, such as accommodation costs, if you are outside North Canterbury.


I charge a cancellation fee of $50 if you cancel a session less than one week from the booked date. The cancellation fee will be $100 if you cancel within 24 hours of the start time. I do not impose cancellation fees if you reschedule a session, but I do appreciate as much advance notice as possible.


All prices quoted on this site include GST.


Payment is due within 7 days of the session date. You can pay by bank deposit or PayPal, or in cash at the time of the session.

Unpaid invoices may incur debt collection fees and late payment penalties. Please, if payment becomes a problem, talk to me before it gets to this stage.

Removal of items

It is your responsibility to dispose of all rubbish, recycling, and donations identified during the session.


While of course I will take all possible care with your home and possessions, I cannot be liable for any accidental damage incurred during or as a result of decluttering or organising sessions.


My work with you is built upon trust. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. Unless I am required to do so by law, I will not disclose your personal details, or information about your family, home, or possessions, to anyone outside my business without your permission. I will not take or publish photographs without your permission.