From whole house decluttering projects to that one spot that you just can’t get under control, I can help you bring order to your life.

Room by room

We focus on one room at a time. You can book for just one room, or the whole house. The goal is to restore each room to its main purpose: relaxed and presentable living rooms, functional kitchens, restful bedrooms, and a garage that can fit a car (maybe even two).

Home office

If you have always wanted an office or study, or you have one but it’s buried under paper, this one is for you. Even the smallest corner of a room can become a functional command centre to run your household or business from.

Mess magnet

Every house has a spot that attracts clutter like light attracts moths. Perhaps it’s the junk drawer, the end of the kitchen bench, or your desk. We’ll look at what ends up there, why, and how to keep this spot clear in future.

The paper war

If there’s paper all over the house, you’ve lost the power bill that’s due tomorrow, and your house is a graveyard for magazines and newspapers, have I got a deal for you. No, I can’t make your life paperless, but how does less paper sound?

Digital clutter

This session is a bit unlike the others. There’s no satisfying clunk of unneeded items hitting the bottom of a rubbish bin, just a lot of mouse clicks (mostly on the Delete button). Your phone or computer won’t be any lighter (or will it?), but you will be surprised how much lighter you feel without a bulging inbox or chaotic folders.

Wardrobe winnow

I know. This scares you the most. So many of us define our personalities by our clothes and accessories. Well, you’re more than your clothes, and you deserve to shine in what suits you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to open the wardrobe door and see only the items that make you feel great?


Books, DVDs, sentimental items, photos, collectibles, children’s toys…some things just tend to accumulate. Talk to me about taming the collection that’s driving you crazy. We’ll review what you want and need, then find a sensible way to store what remains.

Build your own

There are lots of ways to approach any organising task. If you have a particular job to get through, or you’re not sure what help you need, contact me to discuss a session that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

Free consultation

Start with a free, no-obligation consultation. I’ll visit your home to discuss your goals and estimate the time required. This 30-minute consultation is optional, but worth it!


One-on-one sessions are a minimum of two hours, and you can book me for two hours, a day, a week…whatever it takes.

Cost is $60 per hour, plus mileage at 72 cents per kilometre for locations outside the Christchurch metropolitan area. These costs include GST.