Meet Claire

Hello! I’m Claire. I live in Christchurch, and I’ve been in the IT industry most of my life. That might seem a world away from cutting clutter or organising, but technical manuals, websites, and apps can get very complex very fast. “Less is more” and “like with like” have been my mantras for a long time.

I wasn’t born tidy—in fact I have a talent for mess—but I have always had an affinity for order. I was the kid (and adult) who alphabetised her books and adored sorting items by colour. The process of converting chaos to order is one of my favourite things. I enjoy seeing the transformation, and I love the clean, uplifted feeling when the job is done. In 2016 I decided it was time to share the decluttering love with more than just family and friends.

I’m not a domestic goddess, a clean freak, or a minimalist. I’m not an organisational guru. What I am is a realistic, sympathetic person who has been where you are now. My own home isn’t always tidy, and it’s almost never quite clean enough, but I know where everything is, I don’t have lurking piles of unsorted stuff, and, best of all, it is a whole lot easier to undo the mess I make on a daily basis. I want that for you.

Like anyone, I am a little obsessive about some things, and a little too lax with others. So I understand you have your own triggers, your own lists of things you never bother with or must have just so, and your own ideas about how ordered or clean or full your environment needs to be to make you happy. That’s why I aim not for perfection, but for what’s perfectly manageable for you. When your possessions are no longer weighing on your mind, when you feel like you have reached a balance, that’s when the job is done.

Your hoard will not shock me. The messier the better! I won’t judge you on how many toys, magazines, shoes, screwdrivers, or whatever you have. Think of me as your stuff-wrangling bestie. It’s a bestie’s job to give unconditional approval while she lovingly nudges you towards your full potential. It won’t always feel comfortable, but it will feel good in the end.